Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Take an Interest in What You Feed Birds With?

Throughout Australia daily, thousands of Aussies fend for birds without purpose guidelines and many worries about whether they may be hurting the various birds they care so much about. About a third to more than half of households in Australia are involved in some bird feeding and watering.

Hence, there is a need to educate Aussies on what they feed birds and how to keep things clean to prevent diseases. There is a debate of opposing opinions surrounding bird feeding and watering, and this is largely due to the little research and limited scientifically sound advice available for Aussies. Sadly, not all that work in other continents or countries work here.

What Can I Feed My Birds?

Providing a suitable habitat for your birds is not enough; you need to also supply them with food and water to aid their survival. Examples of food you can feed them are seeds, peanuts, bought food mixes, fat, kitchen scraps, and suet. In Australia, meat is customarily fed to populous species such as Australian magpies, butcherbirds Cracticus spp., and kookaburras (Alcedinidae) that are somewhat large species abundant in urban areas.

Do I Need to Provide Birds with Water Apart from Food?

If you are still contemplating whether to provide water to help out your birds and wild birds that visit your garden or backyard, remember how difficult it can be for them to access water during some seasons. During summer and spring, getting clean water can be so challenging for birds. Pools are a go-to for birds to get water, but sometimes they are filled with other liquids like oil that drains off the road.

Also, rivers and streams can accumulate toxic runoff, while birds cannot really rely on the rain to ensure their survival throughout the year. However. by providing these birds with water features, you can ensure they have access to the cleanest water. Lastly, the supply of water definitely increases the value of your backyard habitat.

What Is the Best Water Feature for Birds?

Many features can be employed in bringing water to the birds in your garden or backyard. They include birdbaths, mister, pond, moving water and bird waterers. It is vital to keep any water source or feature clean, and the simplest way to do this is to change the water routinely.

What Happens If I Don't Feed My Birds Properly?

Birds are to be appropriately and adequately fed because good and proper nutrition play a vital role in maintaining healthy birds. Precisely, an inadequate diet relates to between 80 and 90 per cent of existing bird diseases. To prevent the breakout and spread of diseases, you need to feed your birds to boost their immune system properly.

What Contribution Do Food Supplements Make to A Bird's Diet?

There is much variability in the dietary intake of food supplements for birds. Even though birds’ precise nutritional requirements are far from established, there is a consensus about the insufficiency of dry seed diets. Even some vitamin-enriched seeds remain deficient in amino acids, calcium, iodine, Vitamin A & B and other vital nutrients while having high-fat content. In turn, there is a need for fresh foods to supplement existing diets.