Common Birds

Common Birds in Australia

In Australia, there are over hundreds of bird sanctuaries with thousands of bird species all over the country. Those birds do not only reside in the wildlife and reserves, but some are also housed by individuals who are lovers of both exotic and native breeds.

The role of housing these birds and providing a means of bathing cannot be overemphasised, particularly in the birds’ lives. You would notice that Australia is a dry region, and as such, there is a need to provide an avenue to cater for these birds. This can be done by providing feeding and bathing for them.

You need to know some of the common breeds of birds in Australia who are the common beneficiary of the bathing and feeding scheme. However, you should note that the common species of birds would be different from one region to another in Australia.

Common Birds

Noisy Miners

These species of birds are common in New South Wales and South East Queensland. Noisy Miners are usually found in the woodland, in the wild and also in gardens. Bathing sites are also constructed for this species of birds providing them with an avenue to socialise with other birds’ species outside their natural habitat. ¬†Noisy Miners have been characterised as having aggressive tendencies and such a potential to bully smaller species in the birdbath.


These bird species are seen by many as an alternative to parrots, although, Finch cannot talk. Finch is common around the region of Australasia and the most commonly bred in this region are the Zebra Finch, Owl Finch, Society Finch.

Finch enjoys a spacious environment because they love being in flight. Their unique feature is social interaction with other birds and with their human companion. A bathing house such as a garden would be lovely for a finch.


This is a crowd loving bird; you would find them always in flocks. This bird species is common in feeding areas but hardly stays in such areas because they do not enjoy coming in close contact with observers. They can be found in Northern Australia Woodland and Darwin.

Grey-crowned Babblers

Like the Red-tailed-Black-Cockatoos, they are also common in the region of Northern Australia Woodland and Darwin. The Grey-crowned Babbler leads a sedentary life. However, they also visit the feeding areas and feast on seeds given to them by observers. They move in flocks of not less than five as they journey from branch to branch. However, there is a decline of this bird species in Australia as a result of land clearing and habitat degradation.

Other species common in the feeding areas across Australia include White-throated Gerygone, Noisy Friarbird, Speckled Warbler- which has snowballed, Australian Magpie, Red Wattlebird, brown Treecreeper, among others.

Australia seems to be a natural habitat for many species of birds’ dues to the various woodland present in the region. However, there are some birds which are unique to Australia. This rare species should be properly looked after, and their habitat must be kept safe otherwise they will become extinct.