Why Is Bird Feeding in Australia Controversial?

Understanding the Issues Associated with Bird Feeding in Australia

It is not uncommon for people to visit bird feeding areas or to have birds in their backyard. The love for birds has led to people creating avenues for interaction with birds. The most common way people interact with birds is by feeding them and providing water for them. This act has helped improve the lives of birds and also foster bird diversity.

Many people enjoy feeding birds and providing them with water out of interest for birds. This act is fast becoming a common activity in Australia. Daily, more than a thousand people in Australia, genuinely feed or provide water for birds. This act is done without any guidance or knowledge of the kind of food such birds prefer.

There is a need to reflect on why feeding birds in Australia has led to several disagreements among ornithologists and things to be put in place.

On average, more than 50% of Australian homes engage at one point in bird feeding and watering. This act has been criticised because most of these people who are involved in bird feeding hardly carry out any research or have no knowledge of the feeding habit of various species of birds.

There are some endangered species which are to be well preserved. If you as an observer in a garden, feeding such species of bird might have adverse effects on such species. You might, in a way, just be killing such a bird unknowingly. By doing, you have contributed to extinguishing this endangered species.

Again, most people do not know the behavioural and ecological effect of feeding birds. Most people only feed birds because of its fun and because they enjoy birds picking foods from their hand. Also, those who visit parks might walk into the feeding area with all manner of grain without knowing its effect on the birds. It has been argued that bird feeding should only be carried out by experts or people with knowledge on the behavioural and ecological effect of feeding birds certain foods.

It would be best if you also took note that while Australia lacks concrete information on bird feeding patterns, most countries have information on the act of bird feeding. If you are visiting Australia, you should know that the bird feeding information and knowledge you might acquire in your country are different from those of Australia.

This is because species of birds in Australia might be biologically different from the ones in your country. When you feed birds based on the knowledge you obtained in your country, you might be doing the birds more harm than good.

All these feeding activities have amounted to controversy. However, this does not, in any way, imply that you should not engage in bird feeding activities. You should acquire the basic knowledge of birds feeding and know about the biological, ecological, and behavioural effect of a particular bird before feeding it.

Bird feeding is one of the best ways to connect with nature, and as such, it would not be kind to nature if due care is not taken when feeding those birds.

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